Step 1: Start with an SPF for protection and added moisture.

BASE-PERFECTING TIP: A mineral sunscreen not only shields skin from the sun (hello ageless beauty!) but also provides a hydrating layer to keep flakes in check.


Step 2: Layer on a primer for smooth makeup application.

BASE-PERFECTING TIP: Primer is great at refining the look of pores, smoothing out skin texture, and helping the rest of your makeup stay put for all-day wear.


Step 3: Follow with a complexion-enhancing foundation.

BASE-PERFECTING TIP: Spray a mineral mist or essence onto your brush or sponge before buffing the product into your skin for a more natural, dewy finish. Prefer using your fingertips? Be sure to warm up the product in or on the back of your hands first before applying for better bendability and seamless coverage!


Step 4: Conceal pesky spots and under-eye darkness.

BASE-PERFECTING TIP: For precise color correction, use a high-coverage concealer for blemishes and a hydrating one (in the shade lighter than your natural skin tone) to brighten up under eyes.


Step 5: Finish with a setting powder to lock in makeup.

BASE-PERFECTING TIP: To avoid looking too cakey or powdery, be sure to tap off any excess powder from your brush before applying for a softer finish.